verslag van Niels Viaene top 8 Parijs:

Reports van onze toernooispelers.
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verslag van Niels Viaene top 8 Parijs:

Post by jan64 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:25 pm

When I decided rather last minute that I was going to GP Paris I never thought, much less expected, how that event would go for me. All I hoped when I got on the Outpost bus was to do better than GP Brussels where I went 8-1 and then 0-3 and 1-1 drop. I knew that if I made day two this time I would be able to do much better than that.

On the bus ride over there we did a sealed on the bus which, too, I won, a herald of things to come perhaps? I was dead tired, I had barely slept the night before and so I went to bed early that night in the very nice Sequoia lodge hotel in the Disney village. I was unable to sleep, too excited and not used to sleeping in the bed with Marijn. I was tired that morning, very very very tired. I thourougly enjoyed the breakfast buffay at the hotel and was pleasantly surprised there was a special deal for magic players, we didn't have to que for breakfast which, upon looking at the 30 minute line, seemed quite relevant. Props to whoever made sure of this.

My seating was misread at first and so I ended up in the wrong hall, a few minutes later I sprinted out of the "Dungeon basement" and hurried to my rightfull place in the ballroom upstairs where I had 10 minutes left to register a pool contaning Sorin Markov, Ob Nixilis, Marsh casualties and several Disfigure and Hideous Ends, sadly, no Nighthawks, poor guy :-). I got my own pool and noticd the Day of Judgement with an Ally theme , further enriched by Red and Black. I made the following deck:

1 Ondu Cleric
2 Kazandu Blademasters
2 Kor Sanctifiers
1 Kor Hookmaster
1 Highland Berserker
1 Goblin Shortcutter
1 Shatterskull Giant
1 Torch Slinger
1 Kazuul Warlord
1 Murasa Pyromancer
1 Nimata Sellsword
1 Heartstabber mosquito
1 Hagra Diabolist
1 Stonework Puma

1 Day of Judgement
1 Journey to nowhere
1 Magma Rift
1 Mark of mutiny
1 Marsh Casualties
1 Hideous End
1 Expedition Map

7 Plains
6 Mountain
4 Swamp

It is a monster... I fell in love with the potential of Marsh Casualties and stubbornly splached three double black cards. Needless to say, those three usually went out after game one together with a swamp, making place for Steppe Lynx, Adventuring Gear, Magma Rift nr2 and a Plains. Or that is what I should have done, what I actually did the first few rounds was take out mark of mutiny nad replacing it with a plains. The correct deck only came to me in round 5 or so. I cast Marsh Casualties a full ZERO times and the Hideous End once or twice.

My rating going into the event was 1796, meaning I didn't get any byes. But when I got up to look up my first round opponent I saw no table number next to my name, no opponent where one should have been mentioned, instead, there was the magical word ***BYE*** in the collumn containing several people with ***Awarded Bye*** next to their name. I had recieved THE BYE at a GP!

Round 1 ***Bye***
1-0 3 points, 0-0 in games

In the meantime I realise I misread Mark of Mutiny as an instant and this prompted me to write 'RTFC' on my left hand, reminding me to Read The F****** Card.

Round 2 Jeremy with RW
Game one he get's in some quick beats with Goblin Guide but has nothing to follow up untill Geyser Glider. By then I strat chaining Allies into eachother and quickly overrun him.
Game two he get's his A team, opening on Guide again, sending it into the air with nimbus wings before I send it one a Journey to Nowhere, he hides behind Pillarfield Ox and then suddenly drops Felidar Sovereign, Followed by Luminarch Ascension. I have Day of Judgement in hand when he overextends his board to protect the Luminarch ascension. I clear the board, dump a few allies on the table and beat him from 28 to 0 in 2 strikes.

2-0 6 Points, 2-0 in games

I missed a few little things, nothing grave enough to cost me the match but scaring me a bit, prompting me to write 'FOCUS' on my right hand, reminding me to, you know, focus.

Round 3 Romain from France with RU Allies
Game one I mull to 5 and can't beat Raptor into Puma into adventuring gear
Game two he mulls to 6, misses his land drop T3 only to hit 4 in a row afterward, I get an aggressive start and beat him.
Game three I get a blademaster into Sell sword and beat him down to 9 before he stabilises with bigger men than mine. I miscalculate an attack and put him on 2 instead of killing him. Jar Jar Sphynx opens the offensive for him but I drw the hookmaster who ensures the victory with the Shortcutter I had held back.

3-0 9 Points, 6-1 in games

Round 4 Lino from Germany with BR
Lino is a lvl 4 pro, he won GP Hannover and made the german National team this year.

Game one I mull to six and am forced into the defensive. I play Day of Judgement on 10 life but never drw into anything but land after that, he wins.
Game two is a race, one where his Laceraor is doing almost all the damage. I have and answer for his Halo Hunter but his Bladetusk boar goes all the way, dropping me from 19 to 0, backed up by removal.

3-1 9 Points, 6-3 in games

Round 5 Ilyas from Mosou with UW
Ilyas studies in Marseille and came together with his girlfriend to play in the GP. He's also addicted to shuffling, using the full three minutes to randomize between games.

Game one he opens with Kor Duelist into Advenuring Gear and Trusty machete, I never find an answer against the double striking Monster one drop.
Game two I get THE ALLY draw and he never stands a chance.
Between game two and three I am looking at the clock while he shuffles when he asks why I am timing, I tell him that it is because he has three minutes and that I am getting a bit impatient. He smiles: "three minutes? How do you know that?" To which I answer that I have a judge level. He seems intimidated by this even though that wasn't my intention, aside from the shuffling he was a very nice opponent.
Game three he plays T1 Crab, is stuck on two for one turn then hits the next 4 of 5 draws. It doesn't matter, I win. Turns out he didn't win anything from then on.

4-1 12 Points, 8-4 in games

Round 6 Niels Vanreimersdal from The Netherlands with UB
Game one we both get a slow draw and stall on 7 and 8 life. I win with a topdecked Mark of Mutiny.
Game two he get's loremaster after my chances of racing him end with double kicked Vampires Bite.
Game three I have an overwhelming advantage pushing me to 27 life, he dies with sorin Markov and Gatekeeper of Malakir in hand with only 2 black sources in play but his window to win off Sorin had closed two turns ago.

5-1 15 Points, 10-5 in games

Round 7 Richard from the UK with WG
Game one he plays first turn Graypelt Refuge and I feel like I was in for an easy match, turns out I was right as I ally power him out of the game with little resistance.
Game two he boarded out white and sided 15 cards in (red), he get's stuck on three lands however and loses after playing a sole Oran Reef Recluse as his single spell of the match.

6-1 18 Points, 12-5 in games

Round 8 Sebastien from Switzerland with BR
Game one he plays Lacerator into Ruinous Minotaur, I let him hit me twice with the minotaur before I block and he seems a bit screwed on mana. He ends up scooping on one life in a situation that wasn't clearly unwinnable from my point of view.
At this point I start getting short bursts of fainting causeb by fatigue and don't take notes of the match anymore.
Game two I lose barely touching his life total.
Game three I win, taking one 5 point hit, killing him in 4 strikes.

7-1 21 Points, 14-6 in games

At this point I am in for day two. I reached my goal, everything from here on is gravy.

Round 9 Gregory from France with WB
Game one I am a bit mana screwed as he comes out fast with double Kazandu Blademaster and Puma, I stabilise and win after all.
Game two he is stuck on 2 lands and scoops on turn 5 on 14 life. He is really disappointed, apparently his two losses where in the last two rounds and both caused by mana screw.

8-1 24 Points, 16-6 in games

The cut is now made but to count in the number of players an additional round of Sealed needs to be played to ensure that someone making day 2 and going 6-0 would be able to T8.

Round 10 Marc from Austria with BG
Game one we trade creatures and removal untill I gain advantage, the Kalitas he needed to stabilise gets a mark of Mutiny and kills him.
Game two I lose.
Game three I win.

9-1 27 Points, 18-7 in games

I want to sleep soo badly but after the bad night next to Marijn I decide to sleep on the floor, after two hours I crawl back into bed with marijn and fall asleep, only to wake up 3 hours later.

Draft 1
Before falling asleep, the belgian pros had advised me to force mono red in draft and I set out to do just that. The first pack gave me only Kazuul Warlord as a playable red card and my affection for him after the sealed prompted me to take him over Hideous End, still convinced to go monored and putting my neighbour in Black. It never came, though. What I did get was the following:

1 Kazandu Blademaster
2 Makindi Shieldmate
1 Cliff Treader
2 Kor Cartographer
1 Plated Geopede
1 Goblin Shortcutter
1 Highland Berserker
1 Molten Ravager
1 Torch Slinger
1 Tuktuk Grunts
1 Kazuul Warlord
2 Murasa Pyromancer
1 Hellkite Charger

1 Adventuring Gear
1 Explorer's Scope
1 Journey to Nowhere
1 Shieldmate's Blessing
1 Narrow Escape
1 Inferno Trap

1 Teetering peaks
8 Mountain
9 Plains

A sleeker version of my Sealed pool with a cooler finisher, I was happy with the deck. I was happy with the narrow Escape, I really wanted one in my sealed to retrigger Allies.

Round 11 Jeroen from The Natherlands with R
He is the guy who was feeding me and who got the mono R I was supposed to draft.
Game one I get flooded with adventuring gear and pretty much go all the way with that.
Game two he gets the aggro opening he wants and the moment I stabilise he has Spire Barrage for exactlies.
Game three I win in three strikes. He has Grappling hook on Molten Ravager but has no interesting attack with over 20 +1/+1 counters on my creatures.

10-1 30 Points, 20-8 in games

Round 12 Marc from The Netherlands with BR
Game one I get a fast start and he gets creatures that can't block, we race a race I am winning untill he kicks A vampire's bite for 10 life, he gets one more attack in for four and then I overwhelm him.
Game two I lose.
Game three I lose and he is apologetic, saying my deck is way better.

10-2 30 Points, 21-9 in Games

Round 13 Anthony from France with mono Black
I win game one after he pops a Marsh Casualties for a single creature.
Game two I win.

11-2 36 Points, 23-9 in games

At this point I am locked for top 64 and extatic, I am getting money no matter what and each win puts me one higher, winning out after this means T8.

Draft 2
I start out red again and end up with a freaky deck. I automaticly fell in love with it and told people this could be the one taking me to the top8.

1 Ondu Cleric
1 Kor Skyfisher
1 Kor Cartographer
1 Goblin Shortcutter
1 Molten Ravager
1 Goblin Ruinblaster
1 Tuktuk Grunts
1 Murasa Pyromancer
3 Hagra Diabolist
1 Stonework Puma

3 Journey to Nowhere
2 Narrow Escape
1 Luminarch Ascension
1 Day of Judgement
1 Arrow Volley Trap
1 Lavaball Trap
1 Khalni Gem

8 Plains
7 Mountain
3 Swamp

Yes, RWb Allies again (for some reason I keep typing rebels instead of allies). People told me to drop the Lavaball trap but with 20 cards providing I took my chances, the ascension was a 6th pick :D. Note the distinct lack of warrior Allies axcept for the Grunts which had me worried, I would've killed for two Shieldmates. I was looking forward to stack tricks with Journey and Escape however...

Round 14 Germain from France with GB
Game one he gains life of Gladeheart and Oracle, I succomb under Territorial Baloth and Larva attacks.
Game two he gains 20 life and I kill him after a long attrition war ending with a charged Ascension.
Game tree I win a game featuring Ob Nixilis, Lotus Cobra, Oracle and double Harrow O_o

12-2 39 Points, 24-10 in games

At this point Mark Dictus is already making sure I have a way to get home should I make Top 8, no pressure there, Mark... but thank you so much for all the care and support, I know I am a distracted idiot.

Round 15 Guillaume from France with WR
Game one he gets Kazuul Warlord on the table and goes crazy to win. He got the better Allies half of the draft (sad panda sigh)
Game two I win
Game three I win after he doesn't topdeck fodder for his Eldrazi monument, bye bye 4/4 I can't block while I am at 4.

13-2 42 Points, 24-11 in games

After this I am in top 16 and qualified for Pro Tour San Diego. Some people tell me to draw, other tell me to play and I figure, I am locked for Top 16 and will only go to San Diego if I win the funds for it so I'll play. I am in 8th place right now.

Round 16 Tobias from Germany with BR
As I make my way to the table I hear the speakers calling: "feature match for this round will be table 3, Tobias vs. Niels." And I completely freak out for a second. It takes me a while to regain me composure. Mark calms me down and as I sit down for the match I am almost in a trance as I look down at my hands, Focus, Niels, Focus. I turn down the offer for a draw from my opponent who is in 5th place with top tiebrakers.

Game one I mulligan once and he kills me swiftly with Machete powered intimidate beats. In this game I did an effort, talking in German, requesting he be clearer about what he is doing, but he just mocks me and looks at me sheepishly. You have now officially been sorted in the douchebag cathegory, Tobias.

Game two I mulligan away a zero land hand and when I see 6 cards without a land in it I just smile and start shuffling again. I've lost, I'll never overcome this deck on 5 cards but instead of the usual feeling of frustration that comes with mutiple mulligans doesn't come. I feel supremely happy, humming a song. "I'm in heaven, seventh heaven, and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak" I look at my five and see no lands and as I am looking over my cards Tobias smiles and says, in German: "Why don't you go to four and make the win even more epic." I look into his eyes as I put my cards on my library and calmly pile shuffle, smiling, singing quietly. "You did it Niels, it's over, you'll lose. You have exceeded any expectations you had, anyone had. There are 30 some belgian standing around you, cheering for you. This last loss will never matter. I present my deck, he shuffles, looking at me and I peel away the cards: Plains, Journey to Nowhere, Day of Judgment, Plains. I stare at the cards, enough to stall and get a little card advantage back...
Play plains, go. He plays Swamp, go. I draw Mountain, play mountain, go. He plays land, plays Lacerator and passes. I draw Narrow Escape, Play Plains and pass. He attacks, plays a land and casts Vampire Nighthawk. On my turn I draw Stonework Puma, play Journey on his Nighthawk and pass. He plays land, Bladetusk Boar and attacks me to 16. I draw Kor Cartographer and pass. He attacks with both his creatures and plays Blood Seeker and Ghuul Draz Vampire, then drops A marsh to drop me to 10. Me hands are quivering when I tap three for Narrow escape, bouncing my Journey holding the Nighthawk. I look at the top card of my Library and see... Mountain, I lay down the card and slam the Day of Judgement so hard I hurt my fingers. A 5 for one... you know what that is like? Like being on the play and taking a mulligan to 4. We're even now... He plays Equipment, I play Kor Cathographer, HE plays removal, I play Puma, he plays a creature, I play journey and bounce it again with the second narrow Escape, I get another creature, journey his next critter and has nothing as follow up.

Game three I get a turn two 2 for one off a boarded seismic shudder. Halfway the game I rip a sleeve, the thirteenth one in the GP, my 40th sleeve and the judge says I can't play on untill I get new ones. My mind blanks out at that point as someone behind me, I think Mark, says, "can't he play without sleeves?". The judge nodds and I start desleeving my entire deck. The same person says "Judge, can't you help him." to which I hand my deck and start desleeving. By the time I was done I had forgotten whether or not I had played a land that turn and it was quite important as I had Escape and Journey in hand with a land and 4 untapped mana. The coverage reporter smiled and said: "You haven't, they're all sleeved." I go on to control the board with pyromancer and win on 20 life after gaining a total of 8 life.

14-2 45 Points, 26-12 in games.





Mark steps in again, handing me a new pack of sleeves and wishing me good luck in the top 8, also, he had taken care of my ride home, taken two guys on the bus so I could go with two judges, my judge mentor and close friend, Jurgen, and Maarten, fellow judge, albeit a much better one, too, who also gets a spot in that select group I call real friends.

In the draft I full on force monored, I was severely hurt because there were 5 others in red but I got a deck I felt could win.

16 Mountain
2 Teetering Peaks

1 Bladetusk Boar
3 Goblin Bushwhacker
1 Goblin Ruinblaster
1 Goblin Shortcutter
1 Highland Berserker
2 Molten Ravager
1 Tuktuk Grunts

1 Carnage Altar
2 Electropotence
1 Goblin War Paint
1 Mark of Mutiny
1 Punishing Fire
1 Quest for Pure Flame
2 Spire Barrage
3 Zektar Shrine Expedition

I only had 21 playables an had Carnage Altar or Seismic shudder as only options as 22nd card, I chose the altar to use with Mark of mutiny, the shrines and creatures that were done bushwacking. since the shudder kills 6 of my 10 creatures.

-------------- ... welcome#16

----------- ... welcome#19

When my opponent was looking through my decklist he mocked me for the Quest that gave me the win in the quarters and the Carnage Altar. I bragged they were so awesome and would surely kill him. I lost the match but both games I lost were very winnable, just a land off the top in both games was enough. Sad, really...

And thus my GP ended, at 15-3 in matches, 29-15 in games I had won 1500$, the admission to the Pro Tour and bragging rights for the rest of my life. All of a sudden those 9 years playing magic and the years I started competitively when Outpost Gent opened payed off.
All that time I thought I could do better than I was doing but that the effort to do so was not worth it. I am living my dream.

Untill next time,
Niels, the cheery belgian mulli-gunner

- Outpost, for organising the bus and hotel
- The hotel, very fancy, great breakfast, nice and close
- My roommates, Pascal and Peter Vieren, and Marijn Lybaert for being amazing players willing to help me out.
- Koen and Jurgen, for checking in with me after every round, genuinly happy for me. Maarten, too, after day one.
- Mark Dictus, for being amazing in general
- Every Belgian who cheered for me, giving me the loudest cheer as top8 was announced.
- Wizards for hostin an amazing event
- Joery, for buying me a cola when I was on the brink of dying
- Opponents who where displayed gentlemanship

- Tobias for being a jerk opponent in round 16
- Losing my diebox right after I had bought extra dice
They laugh at us,
because we are different,
We laugh at them,
because they are all the same.
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Post by jan64 » Tue Nov 10, 2009 5:26 pm

Vooral zijn mulligan naar 4 in de laatste ronde voor de top 8 is EPIC !!!
They laugh at us,
because we are different,
We laugh at them,
because they are all the same.
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Post by FlyingFreak » Tue Nov 10, 2009 8:11 pm

jan64 wrote:Vooral zijn mulligan naar 4 in de laatste ronde voor de top 8 is EPIC !!!
idd, ik heb dat spelletje gezien, da was echt insane :P
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